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If you are a PAYE worker engaged by IBAM and wish to claim for accrued holiday pay, please use the same form to request holiday pay. This applies to all PAYE workers, even if you normally complete your timesheet online.

The form is available in 2 formats:Time sheets & invoices

(i) Excel Request Form – this is our preferred and recommended method of completion, as this version automatically calculates your time, is quicker to complete and results in fewer queries.

(ii) PDF Request Form – this is for those who need to complete their timesheets by hand.

Whichever version you use, you will need to print it off, sign it, have your line manager approve it, and email/fax it to us following the instructions on the form.

To request holiday pay, please just complete the right hand side of the timesheet and tick the appropriate box. Please also tell us about other non-working time (e.g. sickness, jury service) so we can keep our records up to date.

The form caters for single weeks, multiple weeks or monthly timesheets using the same template – please just follow the instructions for your scenario. If you are submitting more than one timesheet week, you can do so using just one form, providing it is not for more than four weeks.


If you provide your services through a personal service company or other intermediary, you must also send us a valid UK invoice, with VAT charged if you are VAT-registered. Please refer to our guidance on how to prepare a valid invoice.

If you have any questions about completing your timesheet or preparing your invoice, please speak to your consultant or contact IBAM’s payroll team on 020 3145 3333.

Need more information? Contact us online using the information here or just call us on 020 3145 3333