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IBAM for Scale

Management and delivery of a legal entity project, successfully implemented through the IBAM for Scale solution.

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This was an extensive program of project management to manage and deliver a legal entity project and the client was looking to make approximately 25 consultant hires within a month.

80% of positions were filled within the budgetary and timescale required with minimal disruption to the client.

In addition to a time sensitive deadline, the senior stakeholders were very time poor with limited availability for consultant meetings and no capacity to schedule all the necessary meetings with the relevant internal contacts.


IBAM for Scale



The project was delivered through our IBAM for Scale solution, purpose built for scaling resources. This offered our client a blended onsite recruitment services provider (RSP) model, supported by an established offsite service.


A dedicated Talent Director acting as a PMO Resourcer from IBAM met on-site with the client twice a week throughout the project to ensure the process ran smoothly. An IBAM Talent Director was also designated to work onsite with the client and contracting team, to assist with on-boarding and day to day support of the consultants.


80% of the positions were filled within the budgetary and timescales required with minimal disruption to the client.


The programme has now been implemented and our on site team have been retained to run a new programme of work to reduce front to back clearing costs.

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