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Project Resourcing

Efficiently staffing a complaints center of excellence: a case study in meeting tight deadlines

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IBAM Operational Solutions was tasked with supporting a leading motor finance provider in establishing a Complaints Center of Excellence (CoE) within a strict timeframe of 4 weeks. 

All roles were filled within the stipulated timeframe and budget, enabling the broader implementation plan for the new CoE to proceed as scheduled.

The goal was to staff this new CoE with complaint handlers possessing specific motor finance expertise. The client sought to create a new complaints CoE to cater to the increasing demand while tapping into a rich talent pool in Manchester. This endeavor faced competition from established providers in the area. The project aimed to deliver a team of complaint handlers with motor finance complaint experience within four weeks, ensuring that the CoE could launch on schedule.
Stephen Higgs, a partner at IBAM Operational Solutions, collaborated closely with the client to define the project requirements and ensure client satisfaction throughout the process.  Leveraging IBAM's local knowledge of the Manchester market, suitable candidates with the specific motor finance experience were identified and secured for the CoE.  The project faced competition from established motor finance providers in the same geographic area.  To align candidates with the client's culture, IBAM spent additional time assessing their motivations, ensuring a match in personal qualities deemed vital by the client.  All roles were filled within the stipulated timeframe and budget, enabling the broader implementation plan for the new CoE to proceed as scheduled.
Despite the presence of numerous motor finance firms in Manchester, there was still room for new entrants, providing an opportunity for the client.  The project's success in promptly sourcing the necessary resources allowed the new CoE program to stay on track, both in terms of time and budget. This case study demonstrates how IBAM Operational Solutions efficiently addressed a challenging client requirement, highlighting the importance of local expertise and thorough candidate selection in achieving a successful project outcome

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